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5 Signs Your Chromatography Vial Crimpers & De-Cappers Need Replacing


Suppose you’re in the business of regularly capping or decapping various aluminium caps on crimp top vials. In that case, it is essential to ensure you have the correct equipment to perform the job. In addition, identifying when your tools need replacing is critical. Consistent crimping and decapping thousands of vials can be time-consuming and tedious; therefore, finding an effective solution for ease of execution becomes simple if you know where to look for quality tools.

Chromatography Vial Crimpers and de-cappers need to be of a high standard to ensure the speed and quality of the seal. Chromatography Direct offer quality manual and electronic crimpers for 8mm, 11mm and 20mm caps.

When Should you Replace your Vial Crimpers and Decappers?

Sometimes the day-to-day work gets in the way of taking the time to assess the performance of your crimper and de-cappers for your chromatography vials and caps.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it means your equipment needs renewing to maintain the speed and precision you need:-

  • A loose crimped seal.
  • An untidy crimped cap.
  • Your current tool is sticking on the cap.
  • An effort increase to de-cap or crimp.
  • Your current equipment is showing physical wear.

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Inconsistent Crimping Techniques

Inconsistent crimping techniques cause many issues. AntiSpin Headspace Crimp Caps from Chromatography Direct eradicate all of these problems. The unique design ensures optimal sealing every time, which prevents any leakage affecting calibrations and results. Find out more about Chromatography Direct AntiSpin Headspace Crimp Caps